what's your style?

Over the years we’ve seen traditional, sit-down dinners give way to more relaxed, one-of-a kind celebrations that are filled with personality.  This is where we shine.  We offer a range of menus to cater for several styles of setup and service – from canapé platters to share plates, burger bar, buffet or food truck.   Our packages start from just $20 per person. 

Our pride & joy is the Sultan himself – a vintage school bus that we’ve painstakingly converted into Perth’s most stylish commercial kitchen on wheels.  At 8m long there’s enough fridge space for a soiree of epic proportions!  Just pick the venue & we’ll go almost anywhere you could dream – by the beach, park, vineyard, paddock, or backyard…  And if size does matter, we can also work from our “little Sultan” food truck, marquee or even your own kitchen.

Perfect for mingling.  This is our favourite (& most popular) style of service because it offers a whole lot of variety for your guests.  Our packages are structured so you can mix and match bite-sized morsels with sliders & more substantial canapé, so people can eat at their own pace & no one goes hungry.

Guests can graze at their leisure from meze plates & share platters placed intermittently down a beautiful long table (or tables).  We offer two types of meze with inclusions such as homemade dips, olives, cheeses, turkish bread, & house-smoked meats.  Then there’s the feast! Get in touch for a Share Plates menu…

Set a relaxed vibe with a full food truck experience.  Guests order and collect their meals at the counter, just as they would from a food truck at a festival.  Menu options are usually limited to around 2-3 meal items to enable smooth and quick service.

the little extras


Our drinks package includes a friendly bar person; ice; cold storage & a refreshment station. We also have a couple of own signature mixers, such as Turkish Coffee Martini or Kaffir Lime, Watermelon & Ginger Daiquiri.


We prefer to concentrate on the savoury, so we've teamed with our friends from The Sweet Box, to provide you with selection of fun and creative desserts such as macarons, popsicles and giant macaron gelato sliders.


We're constantly sourcing & adding to our collection of decor, furniture & games. We also have some pretty talented contacts on speed dial, so feel free to discuss your needs with us & we will see what we can do!