Menus & Pricing

We have four main catering styles/menus & a range of affordably priced packages for each.   
Just fill in our enquiry form or get in touch via hello@sultanpepperfoodtruck.com and we’ll email you the relevant menus & package pricing to you in a pdf format.

We’ve catered small intimate dinner parties to large weddings with hundreds of guests – there’s no limit on numbers. 

The minimum we have set is on total food package spend is $3000.  As long as this is met, all is well.

*Public Holidays & New Years Eve minimum spend is $5000.

Absolutely!  We’re happy to cater for all dietary requirements and allergies providing arrangements have been made with us prior to the event.

Many of our dishes are vegetarian or vegan already (or are easy to swap out).  These, as well as the gluten free options, are indicated on our menus.

It is important that you notify us in the planning stage if one of your guests is Coeliac (or has another severe allergy) as, although we offer some gluten free items, cross contamination with products containing gluten is likely due to the nature of working in a small, confined kitchen.  This can be easy to plan around in advance, but very difficult on the day. 

Bookings & Payment

Get in touch & check our availability.  We have bookings up to a couple of years out, so don’t be shy in getting the conversation rolling, even if you’re not quite ready to book.  You don’t need to decide on a package, menu, or even style of service in order to book & secure your date.

We’ll invoice a flat $500 booking fee & hold your date for 7 days from invoice.  Once payment is received, your date is locked in (No date is guaranteed until this time).

Your booking fee is credited toward your final invoice.

Actually, not much!  Just your name, date & venue.  

We don’t offer a cookie cutter service.  We like to get to know our clients so we can fully understand their event vision & catering needs.  This means we have lots of chats, answer all your questions, & fill your belly with lots of food so you can be confident that the style of service you choose fits your function, your package selection fits your budget, and final menu selection will satisfy all of your guests.

Once the booking fee is paid, you’re welcome to spread out payments however you wish – be it $20 a week or one final lump sum. 

Our only stipulations are –

  • you reference your invoice in your payment or send us remittence so your hard earned dollars are credited correctly.
  • payment of your final invoice must be complete no later than 10 days prior to your event. 

About one month before your event is when we finalise package & menu selection, dietary requirements, timings & guest numbers. 

We then issue an invoice based on these details & final payment must be received by us no later than 10 days from the event. 

Minor adjustments may still be made up to a week out, but after this point we have finalised staff and food orders so changes may not be able to be accommodated.

Setup & Logistics

We have two trucks = Sultan & Little Sultan.  Sultan (the big truck) is our default & preferred, but we usually roll with whichever is available or appropriate for each booking.

Requests for a particular setup are noted in your booking, but are not guaranteed. 

We also have a marquee & portable kitchen equipment.  This allows us complete flexibility to cater in any space required.

If your venue permits it, we’ll happily work from their on-site kitchen too.

 You will need to be sure there is a level space provided for us with the following minimum dimensions;

The Sultan – 9m long x 2.5m wide x 3.5m high (Service window is on the “passenger” side).

Little Sultan – 7m long x 2.5m wide x 3.5m high (Service window is on the “passenger” side).

Marquee – 3m long x 4m wide x 3m high.

Please also give consideration to access for us to drive the vehicle into place & out at the end of service.

If you are holding your event at a private property, please also make sure the access road is sealed/hard compacted (no potholes!), and has no low hanging trees or obstructions. 

We’re completely self sufficient.  We have our own inverter (quiet) generator, gas & water tanks.  We can use supplied power if you’d prefer but often household outlets aren’t suitable to run our full kitchen so we’ll need to chat about those arrangements beforehand.

We are based in the Perth Hills, and will travel within an hours drive free of charge. 

A travel fee is applicable to cover fuel, staff travel & accomodation (where applicable) to some venues outside of this limit.  As this cost varies depending on distance, it’s best to get in touch for a quick quote.  

We try to keep it pretty simple so we don’t clash with your theme.  Normally we’ll hang a menu & place a couple of lanterns/small gold decor/greenery on the side of the truck. We’re happy to remove this if you prefer a minimalist look 🙂

You’re more than welcome to add florals & decor of your own (The Sultan has a long wooden bench perfect for this!), so long as it doesn’t obstruct the doors or service windows.